Before and After (from the inside out)

I came across this collage today that I posted almost 2 years ago. This collage means more to me today than it did when I first posted. In a 5 month period represented here…I was my husband’s caregiver through Cancer, battled a school district for my son in an ugly district fight that I eventually won; I worked a sometimes 10 an 11 hour work day with a 3 hour round trip commute- raised my 3 kids and I managed to get in the best shape.and health of my life. In the process I regained my self worth, overcame a very dangerous depression and accepted life with an attitude of gratitude no matter what was thrown my way. That woman was not a super-woman…that woman simply made choices that led to her rising.

There are moments when I too still get overwhelmed with things in my life and I begin to feel that “I can’t” – however, I quickly replace those words with “I choose not to”. When you recognize that you have choices two things happen- you realize that choices empower you, and excuses paralyze you. Rise up or fall apart? The decision is ALWAYS ours. Do not be a victim of your circumstances. Life is not fair…and can sometimes be hard to navigate, but life is incredibly beautiful and the wonderment of it all comes from the choices that we make.

p.s. yeah yeah….it’s a bra – pretend it’s a bathing suit top – same difference.

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