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dating websites examples In the process of fine tuning what I want to be when I grow up – I’ve called myself a lifestyle blogger, a Beachbody coach, but these days I’m kind of feeling the title “Self-Care Ambassador.” Like seriously – I really love that title because taking care of myself has kept me out of depression and my greatest passion is teaching women to live their best, most authentic life through the chaos of it all.

site de rencontre adultere totalement gratuit Self-care is non-negotiable for me – not because I want to look good on the outside, but because I am deathly afraid of what will happen to my soul if I don’t. I am so scared of ever returning to a dark place – that I have deliberately used that fear as fuel as the driving force in my life.

Read Full Report Last night I decided to read the first 20 pages of my book as food for my soul because I forget how truly far I have come as a human being and sometimes I need to be reminded to have compassion for myself because I have done alright this far. Exhibit A:

no dating policy for employees (My state of mind in 2011)
“I had it! I had lost my passion for living, and in anger I would once again turn to my bathroom floor for that kind of comfort that only an illogical mind can find peace in. Sometimes I got creative in my despair and stood in front of my oval shaped mirror to get face to face with the pathetic human being who stared back at me. I would cry the ugly cry and watch my mascara bleed down my cheeks, and all I could think of was how good it would feel to smash the mirror with my bare fists. I never did though; I was way too smart for that. If I injured my hand, I could potentially end up in a hospital. No one could ever know my dirty little secret – that, at night, I would moonlight as a crazy asylum patient.”

les site de rencontre ne marche pas pour moi Whoa! reading it again last night gave me chills because that woman scares the shit out of me- but I also feel sorry for her all in the same space. Here’s the fact: I don’t know if this depressed dark person still resides in my soul – but one thing is certain…my fear of ever seeing her again is my fuel to keep pushing myself to be better and do better. Self-care is not a luxury; self-care is a form of self preservation – at least it is for me.

site de rencontre ado tchat Here is my secret sauce again for self-care:

SavvyMe (my acronym)

Sleep (6 to 8 hours)
Alkalize (eat clean)
Vitamins (and not just multi vitamin)
Validation (quality time with loved ones)
You (daily personal development)
Meditation (spiritual practice, church)
Exercise (20 to 30 min daily)

– SCHEDULE this all into your calendar!

Happy self care everyone!


Your Self-Care Ambassador

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