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So…I go back to work on Monday and I’m thinking this is what I am going to wear on my first day! I think my T25 shirt with a tutu skirt looks good, but not sure if my 6 inch heels compliment the outfit! Well…of course I am totally kidding, but I can actually wear this outfit, because as of Monday I return to work, but have been blessed with an at work at home situation.

james kerley dating show I lost my husband but I have gained so many blessings in my life since his passing. My job offering me this most amazing opportunity is just another confirmation that my Angel in heaven is hard at work. The greatest gift I have attained since his departure, is my inner-peace. I have worked really hard to gain my peace, and after an extremely difficult day today in dealing with frustrating matters, I have proved that my inner-peace is rock solid! “Life is 10% of what happens to me, and 90% of how I react to it.”

pop over to these guys I am ETERNALLY grateful for the amazing support I have received from all of you, and although I won’t be writing as many long winded posts anymore, I will be sharing inspirational things from all areas that have touched my life – Cancer, Aspergers, Weightloss, Nutrition, Bullying, Marriage, Grieving with Gratitude, and mostly finding inner-sexy fabulous peace in the chaos of it all. In addition to returning to work, I will be working hard at piecing my book together so that I can have my book proposal ready by 12/31 (that’s my self imposed deadline.)

important source I love you all and I hope my journey has inspired you in the slightest way – if it did…it means my husband’s legacy lives on. THAT is enough for me when I lay may head down at night and he is not by my side.

rencontre avec lmfao My blog in progress (I’ve been saying that forever) is:

blog here God bless you for helping me through the most difficult time of my life!

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