As a child, did you know that you were special and carried special gifts? I did. I had fantasies that someone would come knock on my door and say “hey young lady, we have been sent on a special mission to come find YOU, you, the one with that special gift.” Funny right? Well, I know I’m not the only one who had these fantasies. Most of us prayed to be discovered. Well here is the interesting thing, actually every single one of us has a very unique gift to offer this world. However, some of us don’t know it, don’t see it, or have suppressed it due to a toxic environment or damaging people who have crushed it along the way, so we are afraid try to pursue anything beyond a “safe” life.

My husband’s death and the selfless lessons he taught me before his passing, have helped me overcome many of my fears, but the greatest lesson is that there is no time like the “PRESENT.” So many people wait for that perfect opportunity, for the perfect moment to do something, to take action and sadly that perfect moment will never, ever come. I face a lot of rejection with the new career choice I have taken – and rejection to me simply means that I am not meant to work with certain people or align myself with certain projects. Rejection is simply God’s way of guiding you/me in a different direction. Fear of rejection makes for a life of settling, and why settle when you were created for greatness?

Choose to live a life with child-like wonderment where limited beliefs don’t exist and NO’s mean you just keep on trying, and where your pot of gold is beyond the hopeful lottery ticket that sits on the night stand.

Cheers to embracing rejection!

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