» Are you someone’s miracle waiting to happen?

Are you someone’s miracle waiting to happen?

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comment trouver un site de rencontre serieux This post is about the miracle of the human spirit inspired by a quote a friend shared in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King. The quote not only reminded me of the legacy this incredible man left behind, but the ripple affect that continues to happen today even when we fail to recognize the miracle and the goodness of humanity. The quote is as follows:

1v1 poker online genteelly “The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: ‘If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?’ But… the good Samaritan reversed the question: ‘If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?’

dose of ivermectin in adults for covid After reading this quote this morning which I had never heard before – my life flashed before my eyes. I recognized that we have many unsung hero’s in our life – and sometimes people come in – and go out just like a revolving door. This is no accident – not everyone is meant to stay in your life – and others are meant to come at a very divine time – and that is exactly what happened with me and my dear childhood friend Belsy Fernandez.

http://tastingnotescoffee.com/4486-cs93227-island-casino.html After over 15 years of losing touch as friends we reconnected through facebook in 2010. Little did Belsy know that during that time I had no will to live and prayed for God to take me away. I prayed for things that no one with a logical mind would ever pray for. Fast forward to 2012 when my husband was diagnosed with Cancer and I was still fighting through with all my might through the darkness. It was a terrible secret that few knew – not even Belsy. During this time – God miraculously planted a seed in my soul to want to live again because I needed my husband to survive. I could not be a single parent – I realized how much I loved him, our children and our life. I begged God not to take it all away. I was desperate and didn’t know where to start and on one of those nights I saw an infomercial that changed my life forever. It was called Insanity. I was pretty much insane – so this was very fitting.

namoro drive in It is hard to describe what happened next – but it was completely a divine intervention. As I began to workout privately at home – Belsy urged, insisted and even pestered me to join a community of like minded people that were also working out for added motivation and accountability. They called the group Team Eagle. I was all in because I had nothing to lose. Whatever I was told to do – I did. They told me to drink a shake…I drank it. They told me to work out every day and I did like my life depended on it- I did and I did it for 4 months straight. Well, except for that one time I fell down a flight of stairs and my husband urged me to take at least one day to recover, but the next day he was the first one who told me to get back in it. He was so proud of me finally finding passion to live and love myself.

I could go on forever about how this group changed my life – and I could say a million thank you’s to my dear friend Belsy and Team Eagle – but Dr. Martin Luther King speaks what words I cannot express on the miracles that present themselves every day to us in the form of humans and humanity – so pls allow me to paraphrase.

“The first question the old high school friend Belsy asks herself is: ‘If I stop to help Kenia, what will happen to me?’ But… God reversed the question on Belsy and said: ‘If you do not stop to help this woman, what will happen to her?’

My dear friend – thank God we will never know what would have happened to ‘your friend” if you didn’t extend that hand fearlessly. However, we do know that your friend survived the most tragic time of her life in losing her husband and she did it with a tremendous attitude of gratitude. She not only has the will to live like she has never lived before in honor and in memory of her forever angel – but she transformed her pain into an extraordinary blessing and is teaching others to do the same – because she will continue to pay it forward. Your friend will be just fine Belsy; in fact – she will be amazing.

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  • Wow you are truly amazing!! As a single mom I have often find myself feeling hopeless and overwhelmed but I believe God has send me a life line through you!! I look forward to your posts, your words of wisdom, and desire to help others. I am so grateful for all you share and all you do!!!

    In total admiration,

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