Are You Humble?

Sept 11
Are you humble? By definition it means -A modest or low view of one’s own importance. I inherited my humility from my mom, but always tried to break free of it, as I viewed it as a sign of weakness. When I struggled with undiagnosed depression a few years back (fyi – my life was perfectly perfect) I had a therapist label my humility as “peasant daughters’ syndrome” – he said my humility would prevent me from excelling professionally because my modesty had no place in the professional world. I thought he was brilliant! I went to work trying to roar like a lion and walked away each and every time feeling like a fraud. I quit my job thinking that at the next job I would be more dominant and act less like a “peasant’s daughter”, but I was wrong…I was the same old me, because wherever you go, there you are! You cannot run from yourself.

Up until two weeks ago, I thought humility was a “bad word” – but my perception has changed forever.

The week prior at church, I was called to the stage by my Pastor to speak of my joy in the face of crisis. This particular week, I was so happy to be in the audience listening to someone else’s testimony. The person called to speak to my surprise was Shandon Melvin. The moment he walked on stage I began to cry. I knew Shandon as the soft spoken guy who had a tremendous impact on John-Marlon’s life as they were in the same bible study.

Marlon passed away on a Tuesday, and I was at church that following Sunday. It was a service that I will never forget, as it was also Mother’s Day. As I sat waiting for communion to be served I looked up and there was Shandon standing at the end of my row with his eyes welled up offering me a hug and communion just as he had done every week that Marlon and I attended church. After service I recall him crying and saying “I prayed so hard for healing”, I felt his pain and it ran deep.

The very guy who serves with a smile every Sunday, who cleans up after service, who was a good friend to Marlon in his bible study, is a young guy who also has a pretty interesting job. Shandon is Creative Director for the NFL. Shandon is the brains behind the designs of everything NFL including the redesign of the Vince Lombardi trophy. In Shandon’s words he values collecting communion cups at the end of service, in the same way he values his career and values those on his Creative team. He puts his team and others first so that they can shine.

Marlon was a die hard football fan, and I find it completely God’s work that he placed Shandon in Marlon’s life not to chit chat about football and to be impressed over Shandon’s extraordinary job, but for the purpose of bonding as brothers in Christ. If I had know what Shannon did back in October, I would have begged him to help me get Superbowl tickets as I already knew that Marlon would soon be leaving us, and I would have done anything to bring him joy in his final weeks. Thankfully God’s plan is much bigger and better than mine. Instead of something superficial that would only brought Marlon temporary joy, God brought Shandon and the group of men in that bible study into Marlon’s life so that they can be the ripple affect on lives far beyond his. In Marlon finding inner peace in the face of death, I found mine, and here I am sharing with you.

I am so happy that Shandon had ultimate humility and I knew nothing else about him except that he was the guy who served us communion every Sunday. If I would have known him as the powerful NFL guy, I could have inadvertently altered his relationship with Marlon thinking that he was placed to help Marlon for superficial reasons and not for a spiritual one. Marlon loved football so much that I dressed him in a Giants jersey on the day of his funeral.

“Acting with humility does not in any way deny our own self worth. Rather, it affirms the inherent worth of ALL PERSONS” – including all those that quietly serve us, clean our hotel rooms, the ones who wait our tables, the overworked secretary, so on and so forth….and especially those who spread the word of God!

(Shandon Melvin Testimony – Ultimate Humility, starts *4 minutes* into recording) Listen to it if you can – for me it was life-changing.

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