Are you afraid of the Dark?


When John-Marlon was alive…I use to fear the dark. He would ask me for something to drink – and walking downstairs in the dark was like him asking me for one of my limbs. I use to get so annoyed when he needed those late night drinks, and the poor guy never knew why. One day I finally admitted I’m scared of things that can go boo in the night. He looked at me and said…never fear the dead, you should only fear those that are alive . The dead can’t hurt you – the living can! He didn’t say it in English though…he said it in his sexy Colombian/Paisa accent – how I melted when he spoke to me in Spanish! Anyhow, I still continued to be afraid…however, ever since he passed…my fears of the night are completely gone! This is just another confirmation that he is with me and I love it!

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