Another Day To Live My Best Life

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go site In 2013 I was blessed with a gift from my husband that was the greatest sacrifice one human being can make for another. In his death, he gave me life. Although it was not his choice to die, he accepted that his purpose was fulfilled in his short 39 years. He left this Earth verbally expressing that the lessons that he learned were worth dying for. When one is dying, the meaning of life becomes very clear, and he could have taken those secrets with him, but in his selflessness he was my prophet as his wisdom in those final months seeped into my soul and are safely locked in my heart until I too take my final breath. I am grateful for 2013 and I have no resentment, only respect. John-Marlon is my guiding light through God’s kind grace.

go site To my facebook family, Thank You is not nearly enough, but please accept it from my humble heart, because humbled is what I am at all of the love and support you have given me this year.

rencontre fille varsovie Please understand and forgive me if I haven’t responded to your inbox messages as quickly as I want to, but I always get to them. I also don’t read newsfeeds very often, so please always tag me or put on my wall if I should take note of something. I am sharing this because I value YOU and your love and your own personal journey.

enter I will be putting my kids to bed tonight at 10pm, and I will ring in the new year by myself. Being alone does not mean I am lonely, for we can be in a crowded room and feel completely alone. Ringing in the new year symbolizes that I am strong, I am at peace, I accept, I surrender, I am good with God, and I am good with me.

site de rencontre teufeurs I will be toasting with the air or I may be sleeping at the stroke of midnight, but I will wake tomorrow morning knowing that January 1st, 2014 is just another day to live my best life. God bless you all and be safe!