An UnExpected Guest

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dating mature Wow! This man right here knocked on my door about 30 minutes ago because he just found out Marlon died. I don’t even know how he recalled where we lived. He was visibly upset and shaken up…he made me cry!

watch He expressed how Marlon was one of his greatest mentors, and how he was the most genuine man he knew. Marlon coached him in men’s basketball for many years through 2010; he said his home is still filled with the dozens of trophies he won under Marlon’s leadership. He shared so many stories and said he wants to let Marken know what an extraordinary dad he had. He is so grateful to Marlon for believing in him and not giving up on him when he wanted to give up on playing. He said semi pro players had to be paid by coaches to play on their team….but with Marlon everyone wanted to be coached by this amazing leader (my hubby) and the players did it for free. I asked him if he wanted to pose in front of just a few of Marlon’s trophies and he was so happy to do so. He is obviously really tall…so had to duck just to fit in the shot:)