An Exceptional Angel 23 What’s this attitude of gratitude that I always preach? I learned it from the school of hard knocks. I graduated 1st in my class. When I thought life was bad, God proved to me that it can always get worse. Today I live in the moment and I praise God for all of my blessings, including that special one that lives in heaven. The more I humble myself to his mercy, the more gracious HE is with his abundant blessings. Am I going to be sad this Christmas? Absolutely not. Crying does not make me weak, however, suffering does not prove that I loved him so much that I am not worthy of living. Celebration of life is right at this very moment because what we do today, will define our tomorrow. I may carry his wedding ring on Christmas as a physical symbol of his everlasting presence. I love you Marlon! You are an exceptional angel. Thank you…..thank you!!!!!