An Empty Closet

look here 19 Exhausted physically and mentally doesn’t even cover it. 6 hours and probably another 2 to go! I finally emptied Marlon’s closet. This task is a big reminder that he will not be coming home….not ever! If you’re on fb… go cuddle with your honey instead:) I didn’t cry at his funeral, I didn’t cry today, so I know that he is right here with me because he really hated when I cried, he didn’t like pity party’s…he never had one, not even when he knew his hours were numbered.

rencontres chorУЉgraphique I saved some clothes to create a blanket for each of our kids, some for our son, most will go to his best friend, and the rest I will donate.'a=0 It took me 9 months to build the courage to empty his closet. This was no easy task, and I did it…and I did it alone. Proud of me..and I know he is too!

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