‘AHA’ Moment

Nov 19 (2)

I just had the ultimate Oprah AHA moment! I got kicked out of a widow group I just joined on Monday because I kept sharing enlightening information. I think I kept freaking them out that as the new member posting empowering information! They were probably like who the heck does this chick think she is? I just realized that sometimes people like to swim in their own fill in the blank. That simply breaks my heart. For the first time in my life (I know, silly me), I realize that many, many, many people prefer to live in the “poor me” state of mind because it is a safe place to take cover. I may start my own widow/loss group because I am appalled and frightened at how others encourage healing. Toxicity feeds toxicity. I am seriously patting myself on the back for having the mindfulness, the faith, the spirituality, the courage to surrender and live life with purpose after John-Marlon’s death. HE is dead, I am not! For the first time I realize I HAVE THE GIFT! If you live your life with an attitude of gratitude when your faith is tested to no end- then guess what my friends, you have been blessed with the gift too. Let’s keep shining – life will always have some passing storms but we will always get through. Stay in faith and surrender to God that which you cannot control. Did I say I’m glad I got kicked out – I almost forgot that it is not my job to save the world:)

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