Abuela’s cooking is not just a traditional thing….it’s a healing thing!


Childhood memories of food bring me back to Chef Boyardee, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Not because my mom was a bad cook, but because I was a latchkey kid who babysat my sister plus three cousins after school. Foods that were prepared in under 5 minutes were my specialty as my culinary skills were not quite developed at the tender age of 10 – actually at 38 they are still quite impaired – but we can discuss this at a later time.

Now when it comes to flashbacks of my mother’s cooking, I immediately think of her delicious sancocho that she learned to prepare from my Abuela. I once thought this stew was a Dominican specialty, but was stopped in my tracks when my husband shared his memories of his grandmother preparing this dish. Ok, so I guess this “Dominican” stew is actually a Latino dish. There are indeed many variations across countries in regard to the way this stew is prepared, but the one constant is the slow cooking of this dish. Sancocho is cooked on very low heat and takes at least 2 hours to cook, and you can add an extra thirty minutes to an hour for food preparation.

Enjoying this dish as a child, I never realized how much love, dedication and amazing energy was put into my meal. I recently discovered the amazing health benefits of slow cooked soups due to my husband’s battle with Cancer. I now find myself cooking soups on low heat for 2 to 3 hours to help preserve the nutrients; when vegetables are cooked at high temperatures the soup will be ready faster, but the enzymes and nutrients will be rapidly lost.

The discovery of my Abuela’s sancocho being a healing soup was truly an enlightening moment for me. I found myself researching “healing soups” for days at a time on the internet, and all along I had been enjoying it my entire life! This is kind of laughable, but also sad to think that if I missed this lesson, I am sure I missed many more along the way.

Our grandparents lived in a time where they knew secrets, but generously shared them. The question is, did we take the time to listen?

Next time you speak to your Abuela (wherever she may be) let her know, that you know, that her sancocho was not just a traditional thing, but a healing thing!



3 Responses to “Abuela’s cooking is not just a traditional thing….it’s a healing thing!

  • and I love that sancocho! 🙂

  • ❤❤❤
    I just went from “lol” to “awwww” and then to “tilting my head to the side”..
    Memories— of my mom’s dishes, my older sisters, my aunts…

  • Dear Kenia
    i am looking forward to the day, when life get a new rythym for you and you can return to your passions fully, so many of us look forward to reading and following your life advice. Your spiritual strength is so inspiring and the physical transformation is Unbeleivable. When we find balance in our body soul and mind, we become a testament of faith and hope to others. Looking forward to learning from you. I’ve been researching shakeology and HIT and BB’s…and it is so much info. I have personally carried so much of our families loss and grief on my body for so many years. and Now I want to show the world my faith and my hope. All things are possible through him. I am living to lose and getting my bod4god! Wishing you peace each day.

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