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My name is Kenia – and I live in New York with my 3 children. I lost my husband to Cancer in May 2013. I am no different from anyone else that grieves a loss – however, I made a very conscious decision not to let my husband’s death steal my joy. I do my absolute best to live my life with purpose and passion just as my husband selflessly asked me to. By way of his death, he gave me life.

For years, when life was “perfect” I was praised for being a supermom, but I was secretly running on empty. I began to feel like a fraud; I was spiraling into a horrifying depression and I couldn’t find my way out. Not until my husband was diagnosed with cancer did I have an awakening.

Through my writing, I share those lessons I learned and continue to learn about surrendering, forgiveness, accountability and finding inner sexy fabulous peace in the chaos of it all. Strap on your seatbelt – and join me for the ride.

It will be life changing for us both!

With love,


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  • Hello and congratulations on your book! It has indeed blessed my soul! I am Michelle S.’s mother. I sincerely hope that any and everyone who reads your book will be touched and uplifted by your story!

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