» A Thank You To Everyone

A Thank You To Everyone

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Kamalganj rencontre nord adulte I cannot let tonight escape me without thanking everyone that spent yesterday with me and my children. As you guys saw with your own eyes – I hurt, I am in mourning, I cry and there are moments when it all is so surreal. But as you guys also saw, I am in complete peace and so are my children. There were so many people I forgot to invite to our special ceremony yesterday, and if you feel that you should have been with us – pls. know that I am still working on being a little more organized with my thoughts and planning. Pastor Dan, thank you for your beautiful words. Unbelievable that a year to the date, you were speaking at his funeral. Arelis – for your amazing singing and inspiration, Belsy, my childhood friend for coming in hours before to pretty much do all of the set up like a seasoned events planner. Yanet, Lucrezia, Tony, Belsy for cleaning up my basement for the kids to have a place to hang out in case it rained…but Marlon out did himself..it was gorgeous. Erica and Sandra for constantly checking in on what else was needed. Yohvanni as the grill master, Angel, Michael for building Ava’s lemonade stand on the spot. Katty for not letting anyone escape my house until it was spotless! I can go on and on and on, but just know how much I love you all – and thank you for amazing love and energy and the yummy food! I truly hope that I can be of service the way you have all blessed my family. God bless you all!

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