» A call from Heaven – ring, ring…

A call from Heaven – ring, ring…

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Goryachiy Klyuch omni casino Published on Facebook on February 14, 2015

Alcantarilla megaways slots A Call from Heaven……. (let’s pretend)

Yurimaguas single deck blackjack RING, RING:

data de namoro calcular Me: (answers phone) Marlon is that you?

http://faithknowledgepower.com/4828-cs60678-free-blackjack-vegas-world.html Marlon: I just have one minute…I just wanted you to know that everything you feel and see – it’s really me, it’s not your imagination.

Me: I know! I miss you.

Marlon: I miss you too negrita. You’re doing amazing. Let the kids know how much I love them and miss them. I hope you do something special for Valentines – and don’t be cheap.

Me: Haha! I won’t. I’m actually going to see Marc Anthony tomorrow with my friend Jackie Jacqueline Kelleher-Ziemblicki. I’m not sure if you met her, but I’m certain you met her husband in heaven. He also passed away from Cancer and he too had that dreadful BMW.

Marlon: You’re still talking about that BMW! HAHA! K, I’m really sorry to interrupt you, but I have to go.

Me: Wait! Why do you sound so young?

Marlon: We are forever young in heaven babe – it’s really beautiful here too. K, I love you… but I have to go. Remember, have fun, don’t take life so seriously and just know that we’ll be together again one day. I love you.

Me: I love you so much. Babe, babe?

(Dial-tone)…followed by the silence…Vivir mi vida by Marc Anthony begins to play.

Happy Valentines friends, wishing you a most amazing sweet day full of love and laughter.

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