A call from Heaven – ring, ring…

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read A Call from Heaven……. (let’s pretend)

take a look at the site here RING, RING:

http://comfycozycouture.com/CCC/kipiwer/4942 Me: (answers phone) Marlon is that you?

rencontres de neurologie comportementale Marlon: I just have one minute…I just wanted you to know that everything you feel and see – it’s really me, it’s not your imagination.

visit the site Me: I know! I miss you.

click here to investigate Marlon: I miss you too negrita. You’re doing amazing. Let the kids know how much I love them and miss them. I hope you do something special for Valentines – and don’t be cheap.

femme cherche noir Me: Haha! I won’t. I’m actually going to see Marc Anthony tomorrow with my friend Jackie Jacqueline Kelleher-Ziemblicki. I’m not sure if you met her, but I’m certain you met her husband in heaven. He also passed away from Cancer and he too had that dreadful BMW.

je cherche mes amis femme malien sur badoo Marlon: You’re still talking about that BMW! HAHA! K, I’m really sorry to interrupt you, but I have to go.

Me: Wait! Why do you sound so young?

Marlon: We are forever young in heaven babe – it’s really beautiful here too. K, I love you… but I have to go. Remember, have fun, don’t take life so seriously and just know that we’ll be together again one day. I love you.

Me: I love you so much. Babe, babe?

(Dial-tone)…followed by the silence…Vivir mi vida by Marc Anthony begins to play.

Happy Valentines friends, wishing you a most amazing sweet day full of love and laughter.

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