40 year old widow looking for a particular man


Published on Facebook on: February 23, 2015

The person in this ad is obviously my husband. Isn’t he amazing? I mean…wasn’t he amazing? Here’s the stinky part – I never told him throughout our 13 years of marriage how much I valued who he was… that is – until I knew that there was a possibility that he could die. I didn’t tell him not because I was a mean wife – but because I was simply to busy with this thing called LIFE that got the best of me. I do have peace in knowing that he passed knowing that he was my everything.
Sometimes when the honeymoon period is over we forget the amazing qualities we fell in love with in our spouse – especially after children. It’s so easy to be reminded of the faults day in and day out because we take things for granted and sometimes we forget that our time here is limited.
Here’s a thought: I encourage you to write up an ad as if you were actually looking for someone ‘out there’ with all of amazing qualities you see in your spouse…not the annoying ones by the way:) Once you write them out – share them with your significant other. Imagine how this will make them feel? Writing this ad was painful and yet helped cleanse my soul; it gave me an opportunity to celebrate what I once had and to look forward to one day loving again with a pure heart.
I unfortunately don’t get a do-over with Marlon, but perhaps you can learn from my oversight and appreciate some amazing qualities you may have forgotten about in the one you love. Don’t let your pride, ego and the rat rice of this crazy life overtake your soul. Remember in the end….LOVE is all that matters.

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