You got a job in Heaven pretty quick!

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site rencontre juive israel John-Marlon’s dream for his first little girl was to see her in print because he said he couldn’t walk down the street without someone stopping to compliment her beauty. He was so desperate to get her into modeling that he even called an 800 number on the radio, you know the one “call now, only the first 100 kids will be booked to be a Disney star”, and then you hear the same ad 10 minutes later. Well, I had to stop him from taking Natalia to one of these sketchy auditions. As life would have it, a super awesome friend sent Natalia’s pictures to Wilhelmina earlier this year and on May 7th the day Marlon passed away (how eerie) the agency contacted her to let them know they wanted to meet Natalia. Marlon’s energy and blessings are with us every second of every day so it’s no accident that his dream for his daughter was fulfilled the day he left this Earth. When we walked in for her interview I was so embarrassed when they asked me if I had her pictures or a portfolio. All I had was a photo copy of a random picture I took, and her soccer picture (with uniform) that was taken weeks before. I was so unprepared and just wasn’t thinking that morning. I thought I blew it, but 15 minutes later, after the Agent met her and had her read a script, I was handed a contract. I don’t know what the future holds, but I believe now more than ever that our destiny is already written, we just have to be obedient and trust that it will all work out.