In the end the things that count cannot be bought!


The argument we got into when he bought himself an M5! In cleaning the garage AGAIN, I am going down memory lane. Finding the M5 license plate actually made me smile. When I didn’t speak to him for making this insane purchase, he responded by saying “I think I’m going to die, please let me enjoy life”….and so I did. He ended up selling the car just a few months later because he said people would want to race him on the highway…and he was too tempted to prove who was fastest. (Typical man) In his final days he preached to anyone that would listen that material and superficial things do not bring happiness. He said money makes things easier but will..never fill your soul. In the end he gave many of his toys away to people he knew would protect and help me after he was gone. He apologized profusely for his lavish lifestyle while we had moderate incomes…he actually said that “old me” was a jerk!, But in hindsight- I am so glad he lived it up!

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