Touching a Stranger’s Heart

herpes simplex 1 dating sites modells The very day John-Marlon passed away I went shopping at 8pm that night for my white suit and white dress for his funeral and celebration. I have no idea how someone like me who hates shopping found the strength to shop the very day he passed away. The following day on May 8th I went shopping for him. I could not fathom putting a suit on my husband knowing he was such a sports fanatic. I instead decided to buy him a Giants jersey. I chose not to use one of his own, as I want to save those for our son.

rencontre sur internet qui marche I went to Modells and couldn’t figure out who a popular Giants player was, so I decided to ask one of the employees for help. I went up to the gentlemen and even before I could open my mouth, he looked quite annoyed. I could feel his negative energy suffocating me. When I asked him to help me pick out a popular jersey…he responded by saying…”why don’t you ask the person you are buying it for”; I looked at him with premeditated compassion and said…”ya know, I wish I could, but this jersey is for my husband and this is what he is wearing to his funeral”. The poor mans jaw dropped to the floor; it also turned out that he was also the store manager. As his eyes welled up with sadness, he apologized and offered me condolences. He then said “I thought today was the saddest day of my life until you shared of your husband’s death.” He then explained that earlier that day he had to let go of an employee who was like a daughter to him. I comforted him by saying she will be ok, and reminded him that if I can survive my husband’s death…he will also be ok. I ended with telling him to surrender his worries to God and he will take care of everything. He smiled and proceeded to follow me to the check-out counter, and gave me his Manager’s discount.

source url Today I went back to Modells to buy my gear for the Spartan race. As I walked in, the Manager greeted me with the warmest smile. He not only remembered who I was, but said this is so weird. He then informed me that the employee he let go had just visited the store for the first time today. He pointed to her right behind me, and she was high-fiving the other employees and telling them how happy she was to be unemployed as her unemployment check was more than she was making at Modells. Orlando the Manager also had a smile ear to ear…and he then said “I thank you for affecting my life in such a positive way – I will never forget you” – and with that, he walked me up to the cashier and gave me a most generous discount again!