May 15th: Cremation vs. Burial

why not check here urn Good morning Guys! Before John-Marlon passed away, I was blessed enough to have a conversation with him on whether he wanted to be buried or cremated. As a couple with small children we decided that we did not want them to grieve his passing standing over a tombstone for the rest of their lives so we decided on cremation. When I asked him what I should we do with his ashes, he choked up and couldn’t quite get the words out. I knew what he was going to say. He looked at me and with tears running down his face he said “put me in the ocean”. I of course was an emotional mess and asked “where exactly” He quietly said… KEY WEST! I immediately responded in a joking way and said “are you serious, not only do you need me to fly to Florida, but then you want me to drive 5 hours to get there…you are so complicated” He of course laughed and said wherever you want then. We eventually agreed that I would of course travel to Key West…but that i would also share some ashes with his dear friends Angel, Brian and Hyung so that they spread ashes in Key Largo ( favorite fishing destination), and possibly Ecuador and Colombia. I will create lockets for the kids and his mom so that they can carry him forever. I will make the effort to keep ashes for my childrens lifetime so that wherever we travel for the rest of our lives he will be with us and we will spread his ashes across many, many oceans. I have my eye on Hawaii (our honeymoon spot as a potential visit this year). The kids and I have a lot of vacation planning to do…because this man loved life and water! As I told my kids, we will forever be a family of 5, and daddy will be with us wherever we go. I meant that literally. Now instead of my kids crying over a tombstone, we will be traveling remembering and celebrating their dad’s life in an amazing way. Yesterday marked one week since I lost him. Time stands still for no one. Enjoy your life to the fullest! I too will do my best to do so.

أربح أموال سهلة على الإنترنت p.s. -isnt the urn that.contains his ashes beautiful?

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