» May 13: A Reminder that Life Goes On

May 13: A Reminder that Life Goes On

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apogamously dejta i knislinge When the medical doc told John-Marlon that he would be hospitalized for days due to his 104 fever, his holistic doctor adjusted him and his fever was gone in 30 minutes. He even cleaned our house gutters the day after being bed ridden. When the medical Docs told me John-Marlon he had two weeks to live…I kept this heavy news to myself and had him see his holistic chiropractor almost every day thereafter. John lived another 5 months. Today my 5 year old hurt her back and was in tremendous pain…guess where we ended up? We paid a visit to our holistic chiropractor and she is now just fine. I choose to believe that my husband sent me a message today via my daughter that I must not forget the holistic lifestyle I had adapted before his passing. I have great respect for medical doctors..but I have greater respect for the miracle workers that heal via the body’s innate intelligence that is God given.

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