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Kenia Nunez Amazon

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02nd Oct 2015

Visit my NEW site at:

vermox uk buy Please visit my new site at In due time both sites will be merged – but for now I live at You will find amazing resources, inspiration, and...

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11th May 2015

The Secret to Balance

renagel how much cost Once upon a time about 4 years ago someone asked me what makes me happy and I yelled at the top of lungs – NOTHING! This came out of the...

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06th May 2015

The saddest day of my life and the lessons learned

ziac cost price How does loss feel for me as I enter the two year mark of the saddest day of my life – May 7th; well here are 10 things that I...

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06th May 2015

Show up to your life and lose 10 pounds

diabecon ds price A 10 pound loss in one month. I’m so proud of myself. I literally gained 13 pounds in 4 days when I went to Florida to spread Marlon’s ashes last...

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06th May 2015

Dance your heart away – and cry a little too

latisse bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 buy Ah picture day at dance! Two years ago the picture on the left was taken 2 hours after their dad had passed away. During Marlon’s final days he never wanted...

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06th May 2015

Be the solution you’ve been waiting for

uroxatral price In the process of fine tuning what I want to be when I grow up – I’ve called myself a lifestyle blogger, a Beachbody coach, but these days I’m kind...

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04th May 2015

For the love of parenting!

provigil uk For the love of parenting – who’s advice do you follow? Unfortunately there is no blue print – and no matter how incredible you think you are doing – someone...

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13th Apr 2015

Is our pain meant for suffering, or to leave a legacy?

buy shuddha guggulu It’s taken a long a@@ time to be comfortable in my own skin and I can finally begin to understand why. Everything I have been through is preparing me for...

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13th Apr 2015

Take me to Church!

chloroquine cost There are no regrets about my life – but there is always reflection. Marlon and I spent many years struggling with our marriage; sitting here in church I can’t help...

13th Apr 2015

Are your kids the reason you don’t work out?

casodex cost india Sometimes we think that our kids hold us back from getting in shape. The truth is that our excuses actually do. Where there is a will- there is ALWAYS a...